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Aerial Surveys

We are a video recording and aerial photography specializaed flight operator, offering aerial filming service and professional drone video. The experience gained by the flight hours and being at the forefront of the technology are our differential value, we are always up to date with the latest developments.

As a registered flight operator we are at the forefront of every European regulation. Everytime we fly  our drones a previous deep weather analysis is done in order to ensure a safe & professional opereation.

Iván Hernández Iturrizar: CEO & RPA pilot

Our Team

Ivan and Josu, those are the names behind Hidrone. We are an experienced, talented and drone passioned team.

Thanks to our industry expertise, we always strive for an innovative and disruptive approach that allows us to stay two steps ahead.

We are known for being tireless and perfeccionist in our work.

Josu Arregui Borrega: R&D and drone racing pilot.

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